Subaru W-Wah-X

What happens when you replace a Subaru Impreza WRX accelerator pedal with a legendary “Wah” guitar effects pedal, then invite guitarist Harts to play fast and loud?

Subaru Australia has collaborated with homegrown musician, Harts, to launch the new WRX via Sydney creative agency, Disciple. Aptly named W-Wah-X, the campaign sees the WRX's accelerator pedal replaced with an iconic Wah guitar effects pedal; the result being a live music performance, with the WRX being both driven and used as an instrument simultaneously.

to broaden the appeal of the WRX and take it to a new audience, while still keeping the iconic attitude Subaru purists love. 
Says Alan Wilson, copywriter at Disciple: "The Wah pedal has created some of the most distinctive riffs, solos and 'wacka wacka' moments over the past 40 years.