Peroni Passaggio

For Peroni 'Passaggio' is a pathway, road or even walkway that gives attendeesĀ a glimpse into the world of PeroniĀ 

Through a combination of technology and careful design, attendees entered into a minimal space filled with white light and were transported visually via a interactive environment into iconic Italian locations.
Each location was paired with fashion models shot in Italy, which were designed to highlight each of the locations stylish lifestyle attributes.
Surprisingly to attendees, the italian locations were only visible when looking through the mirror.

The video-wall was composed by a series of hacked LCD. Each of the screens had their polarised and anti-glare films removed from inside the monitors glass surface.

This allowed the displays to permanently glow white to the naked eye while video footage was actually playing through each screen.
The same type of polarised film that was removed from the displays were applied to a mirror positioned directly opposite to the video-wall.
The outcome; users can see themselves immersed in different scenarios and experience a heightened connection with Peroni and Italian style through a unexpected experience that visually transported them into Italy.

Creative Agency: REBORN