CSIRO Infinity Swing

An eight-seat swing installation that uses movement converted into sustainable energy to create a stunning light and sound experience.
Just a memorable way to kickstart a conversation about the importance of investing in renewable energy research in Australia.

CSIRO was keen to engage with the general public on a topic they could easily relate to, and one which the science agency has some serious credentials – energy. While CSIRO is one of Australia’s most trusted organisations, awareness of its scientific innovations and breakthroughs has been declining in recent years. We needed to come up with an idea that not only showed the public how science and CSIRO is a part of a sustainable world, but also told them in a way that held their interest and inspired them. 
Deep down, we are all a bunch of big kids. No matter our age, the memories and lessons we gain from playful experiences remain strong. 
Introducing the CSIRO Infinity Swing an eight-seat swing installation that uses movement converted into sustainable energy to create a stunning light and sound experience.

Our creative technologist worked in collaboration with REBORN and CSIRO to determine the feasibility of the idea before developing the full user experience from concept through to the development of the swing, supported by a launch communications and media campaign. The team worked closely with CSIRO scientists to develop kinetic energy generators and partnered with Chunk! Design on the fabrication of the swing.

The INFINITY SWING featured at Customs House in Sydney, Federation Square in Melbourne and at the World Science Festival in Brisbane.