Breville The Naked Espresso

How can you demonstrate the precision of a premium espresso machine to a bunch of coffee snobs?
We Hacked a Breville BES900XL to display data and create unique pieces of art to reflect each coffee unique properties.

In an aim to challenge Australians perception of the brand and position Breville and it’s Dual Boiler™ in a complex opinionated premium espresso market, REBORN needed to highlight the premium features and specification of the espresso machine.
A unique product demonstration that re-engineered the Dual Boiler™ to lay bare the consistency of its commercial grade features through a visualisation of live data and art. 
The invention is a world’s first in the kitchen appliance industry. During the process of making each espresso the machine’s data is displayed in real-time, showcasing the accuracy of its internal science and creating a one of a kind art that reflects the individual personality of each espresso. 

Each unique piece of art was printed onto the espresso cup with a summary of the hidden science used to make that espresso with all of the artwork then available to download via a unique code.
A processing application was developed in order to graphically display the temperature, flow rate, pressure and steam in real time. The animation speed, number of shapes, rotation and position were carefully connected with the machine's behaviour during the brewing process.
The design of the artwork was inspired by the generative art movement and artists such as Casey Reas and Joshua Davis.