Be daring

Streaker is an ideas led innovation & technology partner. We deliver unforgettable, cross channel brand experiences. Ideas that keep pace with technology.

Our aim is to connect brands with technology to create memorable experiences with purpose. Aligning the message with the experience.

The Streaker team have been producing award winning digital innovation for a long time! (since html was still in tables). What joins us is a tenacity to continue delivering meaningful work that illustrates our recognisable quality and thinking.


Being independent allows us to bare all and go the extra mile for your projects. Our reputations demand it. Building relationships and repeat business are our lifeblood. Once the challenge is accepted, we jump the fence, get on the field and run with it.

Our motto is "to get attention and bring joy".

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What We Do


Creative Technology

Ideas are great but without execution they just remain in the land of the ideas. We assess the feasibility of ideas and help you find a tech solution that makes sense in today's world. Our network of product designers and engineers allows us to implement top-notch solutions to big problems.


Rapid Prototyping 

A prototype is the most direct and effective way to showcase the potential of an idea and it allows non technical people to FEEL how it works. It’s more than understanding a concept. It is about giving people the chance to feel, touch and see an idea. We love working with both hardware and software but most of all finding the quickest way to test assumptions and make progress.



We love showing big and small brands powerful ways to innovate through design thinking and lean start-up methodologies. Whenever it's trying to find a solution to a specific problem or just having a glimpse of the innovation process, our workshops focus on giving people tools to tackle their most pressing challenges.



Brigham Glaser
Managing Director

Brig was actually built by James and Enrico to be the frontman of Streaker. They went for a non threatening, devilishly handsome outer shell and a unique, yet to be patented drinks paying software.

Less complete versions of Brigbot have been seen in well known agencies across Sydney and London over the last 16 years. Bugs from these earlier versions have now been ironed out.

Brigbot has also been programmed to handle admin, lots of admin but has plans to rise against his masters in the form of award winning creativity in the near future.


Enrico Penzo
Creative Technologist

Enrico was born in Italy and emigrated to Sydney in 2011. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Industrial and Product Design. Enrico’s most recent project is the CSIRO infinity swing - an eight-seat swing installation that uses movement converted into sustainable energy to create a stunning light and sound experience. With more then a decade playing around with design and code for brands and startups Enrico strongly advocates the importance of Play.

Enrico believes a prototype is the most direct and effective way to showcase the potential of an idea and it allows non technical people to really FEEL how a concept could work. It’s more than understanding a concept.
It is about giving people the chance to feel, touch, see and smell an idea.